Good things are happening!
Jelena got a plaque for Maintaining Honor Roll grades for this past 3 quarters. She also got
a Certificate as well.
Jelena also got into Algebra1 and French1 for next year! The cool part is that she got to skip
PreAlgebra completely, thanks to all the summer help from our dear friend Marilyn last year, she was one of the selected few chosen!!

This is a picture of Jelenas 1st official Track meet! This was her first year in it and it was quite an experience for her! It is now finished for the year!
Jelena has just come back from a cleansing streem Youth Retreat!

They made up shirts for the kids. Each kid picked the nick name of their choice. Jelena's Great Grandma nick named her "Jelly Bean" so she went with that!Jelena says this is HER year as exciting things are happening for her;)

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Jodi said...

WTG Jelena!!! She looks so pretty in that dress!

Needled Mom said...

Wow!!! Congratulations!

Tinsie said...

Well done Jelena! Keep up the good work :-)