Friday Food Fun is a place where weekly you can join us for some kind of “food” related fun. I might ask you to list your favorite type of …; I might ask you to unscramble the different flavors of …; I might ask for a meal-idea; I might ask for a recipe. But everyone needs food to survive, and most people love food, so join me and let’s have some fun!

During the summer, a lot of fruits are at their freshest, so I thought this week we’d talk about fruits.

1. What is your favorite fruit? Lately I have to say BLUEBERRIES

2. If you like fruit salad, what is your favorite combination of fruits to use. strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and bananas

3. Do you have a fruit theme in any of your non-edible items (like clothing, jewelry, handbags, towels, wallpaper, etc.) used to have pineapple but not anymore

4. What is your favorite fruit juice? grape

5. What is your favorite fruit-flavored ice cream? blueberry wafflecone

6. What is your favorite fruit recipe? fruit dessert pizza with the cookie crust and strawberry pie made with Jello

7. Are there any fruits you don’t like?papaya

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Jodi said...

Yeah, just not a fan of kiwi. Dessert pizza is so yummy!! Have fun on vacation!

Tinsie said...

The dessert pizza sounds yummilicious! I like all fruits - the only ones I'm not keen on are blueberries. Ooops.