HORSEBACK RIDING- Day 3 of our Florida trip

We all really enjoyed going Horseback Riding! What a fun thing to do in Florida, where you can go through the palm tree trails:) It was a HOT day 99 degrees!
Here is Jelena and I excited to go...

The view...(BEAUTIFUL)

Jelena and Adam
Kedric was a bit nervous at first but loved it!
Bill had a hard time keeping up lol!
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We all loved horse back riding, it was alot of fun! This was our 2nd time and Kedrics 1st! It was an hour and a half ride and I felt it the next day;)

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Needled Mom said...

What a fun family thing to do! At 99* it must have been a hot ride for the horses too. Bet they were eager to get back and get a drink.

HLiza said...

Wow that was fun..and you're super super slim there..I'm so jealous!

Midlife Mom said...

I am so excited that you went horseback riding!!!!! Isn't it wonderful?! Don't think it was quite that hot when we went riding in Tenn but almost and soooooo humid but I loved it anyway. Hey, girl you look good in those shorts! How do you stay so tiny and cook so many wonderful things?!

Got to read the rest of your posts on your trip now, glad you had such a wonderful time!