While in Florida we got to see an M&M's world! How fantastic is that! It is in their Huge mall and quite fascinating!

Anyone that knows me knows I LOVE palm Trees and Also M&MS as I had my own collection for a while! So this pic says it all!

This is a big screen for playing WII yes in the store!

random photos...

BLUE was there! I guess different days they have different M&M guys! My favorite are Blue and Yellow, So I was so excited!

They also had a screen you stood in front of and it would tell your M&M color mood and what it meant! So fun!
Then they passed out samples of the pretzel M&M's, yummy!

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Needled Mom said...

Now, that is my kind of store!!!!! I wonder what my mood would be.

And Miles To Go... said...

wow, that looks like so much fun!