20th Class Reunion

So here we are 20 yrs! This is my 1st ever Class Reunion! We had a BLAST! Me with my handsome Hubby!

My how time flies! This weekend we celebrated our 20th class reunion!
A casual dressy setting! Below is a photo of Dawn And I. We went to school together and enjoyed playgroup with our kiddos. Our paths don't cross to much now so it was nice to reconnect!

Dawn and I
Roni, Rob, Jenny
Dawn, Wendy, John, and Me
Our class

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Needled Mom said...

20 was so much better than ten. Don't you agree? We just had our 45th and it was really nice. Everyone seemed comfortable with where they are in life.

Tinsie said...

What a great opportunity to see old friends! I wish we had class reunions too...