Weekend Review

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It has been a busy weekend! Friday I worked all day, Saturday I worked a short day (8-11:30)
Then we were off to a 2hr. drive to Hubbys 25th class reunion! Below is a pic of him with a couple of his good friends...

Since we were close by we prepared ourselves to check out the beach. we only stayed there for 30 min as we wanted to get home...
Bill, Jelena and Kedric opted to join in the water fun while Adam and I sat out and watched:)

Jelena and Bill!
Sunday we got stuff done around the house! Jelena was a trooper and helped me all day. We got lots done. We cleaned out the frig, she helped me chop veggies, clean out cupboards and more!

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Tinsie said...

I would have been in that water faster than you can say splash!