Family Reunion on my Dads side...

Well it has been a busy weekend with another Reunion, This is the year for Family and Friends as We have gone to many Class and Family Reunions this Summer! Above is my Mom and my aunts, they did a great job getting it together!
My uncle Ray ( above) does so amazing! He just says he don't know why he is still here...He is 98, I think he does the best of all the 3 brothers and he is the oldest!
Betty and Larry ( cousins)My Brother Evan and Angela my wonderful SIL were quite the winners of the day!

mom and dad

My cousin-n-law I have finally met and graduated when I did, only from St. Pauls!

The 3 amazing men all in their 90's! ( my grandpa is on the far right)
Longevity runs in this family!;)

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Needled Mom said...

What wonderful pictures of fun, fun times.

And Miles To Go... said...

I love reunions! Looks like a great time!