Jelenas Birthday! "13"

She had a fun sleep over, which there were 7 girls total spending the night!I think they all fell asleep finally around 4:30 AM!

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Midlife Mom said...

Oh my goodness, that cake sure looks good! A teenager now, let the fun begin! That's what I tell all of my friends that are just going into that stage with their kiddos. :o) Next thing will be the drivers license, yikes! My niece and nephew triplets now have their drivers licenses and it hasn't been bad at all, they seem to be really good drivers. You have a way to go before that issue comes up. So nice that you had all the kids for a sleep over, they will always remember the fun times they had at your house! Nice picture with the grandparents too. Tell her I said Happy Birthday all the way from Maine!!!! xoxoxo

Tinsie said...

Please send a slice over :-)