Weekend Recap-

We had a nice weekend! Saturday I only worked till 11:30 am, so I finished up my kids school shopping! Mainly needing shoes! Adam wears size 12 in mens now and I keep telling him he can't be as picky now with the bigger his feet get as the selection isn't so good! None the less I am so happy we finally found some after several stores of looking! Saturday evening we went to a surprise B-DAY party for some one in our church! She is also the leader in our Praise and worship. Can this woman ever sing! WOW!!!! I keep thinking it would be nice if she made a CD!:) It was a SURPRISE 40th Birthday party! She didn't suspect it it was thrown 4 months earlier on purpose:) We had it potluck style, and we showered her with 40 item gifts! I gave her 40 greeting cards, people were quite creative! She got 40 suckers, 40 pens and pencils, 40 quarters, 40 sharpie markers, 40 rolls of toilet paper etc etc!

Here she is opening gifts...

Sunday we cleaned and cleaned! Mainly Adams room! What a job! It is alot cleaner after getting 10 bags for good will and 10 bags of trash!
Now we are ready for school!

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ShaggaBear said...

Thanks for coming to the party! I love the cards!!

Needled Mom said...

That was such a good idea to do it ahead of time.

I can't believe it is time for school already.