Weekend Recap

What a busy fun filled weekend! Friday I FINALLY got my computer virus free! wooohooo! I am so happy to be back in the cyber world after 1 week!
Friday night was the Football game and of course I go as my son is in the band! I know nothing of football but love to watch the band and my son makes me proud!:)
I was excited to bring my mother along as well!
The cheer leaders throw little footballs during the game and well this was my lucky night! I caught one!:)

My son, is he handsome or what?
Saturday we were forced to close our salon as it is a very busy weekend for Labor Day!
our little square puts on a Big Festival! So we took the opportunity to go see some of Bills cousins he hasen't seen in 25 yrs. So it was my 1st to see them. I did get to Know Debbie through Facebook and she is just as sweet in person! Here is Bills Aunt Sarah! She is 91 and is Debbies mom!

Debbie and I, she is Bills Cousin and my facebook friend! She is AWESOME! love her!

she has the cutest cat ever! It is a special breed called a ragdoll, have you ever seen such blue eyes? I so loved and wanted this cat! she is a pile of fluff:)
Sunday was Adams Big opportunity to march in the parade and I was so loving every min of it!
the 3 guy sax players
Well We enjoyed going to the Festival as I always love to have my Cantalope ice cream and watermelon sherbet. It is the only time you can have it and of course I LOVE my cheese on a stick:)
We were invited to go with my co workers to a Labor Day Shrimp boil party but Hubby needed to get rested up for a stressful work day and I had to play catch up for the weekend...
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

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HLiza said...

Wonderful stuffs for a weekend! Your kids had definitely grown so fast!

Jodi said...

What a fun weekend!!! That cat is beautiful...but shhhh don't tell Lulu... LOL

Needled Mom said...

I loved seeing all of the wonderful, fun events. I grew up in a small town and they really do make the most of everything!!!!

What fun to meet your DH's relatives in person! Your pictures were wonderful. Yes!!! Your son is very handsome!!!!