Jelenas Bike Stolen

It amazes me how kids steal bikes, but to have a bike stolen from your open garage in morning daylight hours with everyone home is more astonishing to me! That is what happened to Jelena's bike! She has a pricey bike that everyone wants apparently! My hubby played FBI and retrieved the bike back the next day which took several hours. There were 4 different boys involved and 4 different locations! They even tried scraping the VIN numbers off! They took off the pedals, kick stand and the sprocket worth ALOT! fortunately he got everything back but the seat is damaged, handle grips are now yucky, the paint job is totally ruined and well Now lets hope the police do something...2 of the 4 boys are already on probation! They been scoping our place out to do this and it all happened on Friday- My Birthday!

You gotta wonder why! The boy that took it is very like able and polite he is a 16 yr old Freshman...Now we have to keep our garage door down 24/7 pretty sad for a nice safe neighborhood and oh yeah we live acrossed the street from a cop as well!

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Needled Mom said...

Yes, WHY??? We had several stolen from our kids when they were younger too. When they went to college they told them to bring old bikes because there was a 100% chance it would be stolen. They were right, sadly.

The day we moved from our original house someone stole my brand new bike as the movers were packing up the truck.

I do hope they can recover the costs of repairs from the kids who did the stealing.

Nadine said...

I'm so sorry that happened. People stealing and then damaging what they stole makes worst.

Your husband is pretty amazing to have found it. I hope that the kids who stole the bike pay for repairs.

Shionge said...

Glad the bike was found and someone's bike was stolen in our neighbourhood and imagine it's in a secure apartment :(