Weekend Recap

Friday as you can see below was my Birthday! It was not so eventful but was a nice day. The kids had no school and all I told them I wanted was to NOT fight on my birthday! Ha Ha! I think they did pretty good with that too;)
Saturday was my slowest working Saturday ever, So we ended up going to Plank town! I love this place! It is an Amish place with Very reasonable lunch meats and cheeses! I absolutely LOVE smoked Swiss cheese! So addicting! I think it is almost tied with chocolate! YES I am serious, it is THAT good;)

Sunday we went to church and then later that evening Jelena and I went to a Baby shower for one of my former clients! This girl is special to me as I cut hers and her moms hair. Tabatha is special to me as I gave her, her very 1st hair cut! Now she is having a baby of her own! A little boy... My mother did an amazing job wrapping the gift;)
Here she is and none of us think she will be holding out till November 13th;)

I got her a cute outfit, wet wipes, and I thought it was only fitting to get him his comb and brush set and 1st pair of nail nippers;)
With her dad! The joke was that he was having a baby too...
We had to leave early but looks like she got alot of nice stuff...They own the local thrift store and the shower was held there...Weekends sure go in a hurry, hope everyone elses was as good:)

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Needled Mom said...

What a perfect gift from a hairdresser!!!! So sweet. I am sure you will soon be cutting his hair too.

I can remember asking my mom what she wanted for her birthday and her reply was always "just one day when you all get along and there is no fighting". Of course our reply was "No, what do you REALLY want?" I never realized she meant it until I had my own children. ;)