Black Friday shopping we did indeed!
I took the day of work off and Jelena and Adam and I ventured out at 2am! We started at Walmart but of course with their deals starting at 12:01 am they were sold out of everything I wanted, So we then ventured to Kohl's where I let Adam run in to get the Waffle Iron I had always wanted...Great deal for $10.00!!!

while he was there Jelena and I picked up a couple things for Kedric @ Toys R Us, then Adam was done( love the cell phones) so we picked him up and went to Meijers! we got there quite early as their sale started at 5am so we browsed around and then headed in line at 4am! I REALLY wanted the tripple Crockpot they had on sale and well after 1 hr wait Adam and Jelena made sure I got it! within 2 min. IF that they were all gone all 20 of them!!! We then headed to Sams club where we got Free Breakfast! YUMMY:)

Then to the Mall and got caught up with our Cedar Point Friends ( Tracy and Stacy)! Aren't they cute??? They get confused as sisters all the time! They really ARE so much alike:) and by 9:30am we were home!:)

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