Menu plan Monday

Monday- Hot Chicken dip and crackers, Cranberry pecan stuffing, BBQ

meatballs, cheesy ravioli, broccoli, corn, and cookies for dessert!

Tuesday- Frito pies (chili, cheese and fritos) cornflake krispie treats for dessert

Wednesday- spaghetti, garlic bread, salad

Thursday- Ham potato scallop, asperagus, applesauce, rolls, apple bars for dessert

Friday- leftover buffet

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Jodi said...

Yummy!!! So glad you have a new computer!!

Midlife Mom said...

Yippee! A new computer! Just think of all the wonderful things you can do with the new one!!

Will you come and do my menus for a month?! lol!

I'm going to try to post more this year. It's hard as I can't put pictures in of my grandchildren and that was a big part of what I wrote about. Well I can but it has to be blocked out or a view that doesn't really show their faces. Bummer.