Monday- BBQ pork ribs, mashed cauliflour, whole grain shells in alfredo sauce, oreo ice cream pie for desert

Tuesday- hot chicken salad, zesty orange cranberry muffins

Wednesday- sloppy joes and chips

Thursday- vegetable ham quiche, grapes, banana nut muffins

Friday -Ham and swiss casserole, broccoli and cheese sauce, cinnamon streusel muffins

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Midlife Mom said...

What a great party for your parents! That was such a nice thing to do for them and also your Grampa, he certainly is an inspiration to be able to do all the things that he does! My FIL is 94 and he still goes to the office every day!!!

I thought of you as I looked at all of the palm trees while in Florida this past weekend! I took some pictures of them that I will post next time so you can drool! :o) xoxox