weekend recap

What a busy weekend!

Friday I was asked by one of my clients if I could come and do her hair in the home where she resides, since she was foced to cancel her appt. due to being in the Hospital. I told her I couldn't get there till 6pm she was fine with that, so after leaving work I rushed over there to find out she was in the shower...I sat and waited as I suspected she was getting her hair washed for me. Well when she got out of the shower I heard a booom. I thought that didn't sound good so I went in and checked on her and had fallen and bleeding BADLY from the side of her head. I ran to get help and the nurses, Fireman and EMS all arrived super quick! In no time at all she was laying in a puddle of blood. And ll she wanted was her hair done! This poor lady is 86 yrs old! Some thought I was her daughter...She told them I took her place as her daughter died many yrs earlier! She has 2 boys that come out faithfully but honestly If I hadn't been there and with her on the floor and her life line on the bathroom sink I hate to think what could have happened! I left a bit traumatized!

Saturday I worked a long work day

Sunday- I took Jelena and broused the mall a little and got a few groceries at Meijers...

Now I am heading for a 6 day work week! We are closed on Mondays but I am going in to do 2 pedi's tonight myself at 5:15...It is nice to be wanted and needed;)

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HLiza said...

OMG it's fated that you were there to help her..I hope she's in the mend now..and how lovely it is to have some heavenly treatment with your skills!

Needled Mom said...

What a blessing that you were there for her. That would definitely be a traumatic experience for you.....and her. I hope she is doing better.

Jodi said...

Wow Tina, what a Friday you had! So thankful you were there to help her!!

Midlife Mom said...

That was very scary! To think what might have happened if you had not been there! I hope she is on the mend and will be back soon ready to have her hair done.

The peach bread is really good. I used canned peaches but it calls for fresh. Of course we don't have those here this time of year. I just had two slices and I am thinking of all the points I used up! ha!

Shionge said...

Oh my gosh.....is she better now. Thank God you are there because it would been worst if she was all alone.