Weekend recap

Finally getting around to posting my last weekend! Worked all day

Saturday as usual but Sunday was on a mission to get Adam a shirt we decided to go to a shopping area about 50 min away to find it at a big and tall store....well the store was mostly for BIG then tall so she made a phone call to JC PENNYS and lucky us w

e got the last white one! now almost $400.00 later we are finally ready for his Highschool Band concert tomorrow night! On our way home the weather was getting BAD an the roads were so slick! We saw several cars in ditches but this particular accident seemed the worse... We must've gotten there just after it happened! Scary!

we saw a stopped vehicle further down just sitting in the middle of the road with no one in sight! Very strange! I was happy to be home:) Then much to our surprise, that was only the beginning as the ice storm turned to snow and we were hammered on Monday with several inches!!

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Needled Mom said...

Wow!!! I would hate to come across that! Glad you were safe.

Nadine said...

I hope no one was seriously hurt in those cars. Glad you were able to get home safely.