Weekend Rewind

We had a very busy weekend! Well At least I sure did!!!Friday night we went to the CAVALIERS Basketball game live! It was a bummer we lost but always fun to go to these anyway! We lost 82-93

That night they honored Joe Tait! He was retiring from being the spokesperson for 39 years!

Jelena had a Band Ensamble going on at 6am Saturday so we went without her so she could be rested up:) She did so well She got #2 out of 5 with #1 being the best! So proud of her!
Sunday my Boss Sandy and I went to a Hair show to get some credit hours of education... These can usually be pretty
Here was one of the final hair cuts and
color done!
Intensities are pretty popular... This was the red...

This is actually 3 colors...Blue, green and teal The more I look at it the more like it:)

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Needled Mom said...

I hope that you also got to do a lot of driving in the new ride!!!!

Those are some pretty wild hair colors.

Jodi said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I wish I was daring enough to put some wild color in my hair.

Tinsie said...

The blue hair would go nicely with your new nail polish ;-)