Tis The season for Graduating Seniors! We have several graduations this year and 2 being this past weekend! Saturday evening we went to Jordon's... Jordon is My Pastors son, Always lots of fun there! Great fellowship with everyone, fantastic food including a camp fire and smores! The weather was perfect! Always a Treat to enjoy Auntie Linda's Homeade Cake! YUMMY!!!!!!!
Sunday my cousin Liz had her graduation party! Major chefs in family helped with all the food and wow! What a Spread! We had Assorted fruits, assorted veggies, shredded turkey sandwiches, chips and cheese, and a huge table of fixings to create your own tacos! Wow! It was amazing! chicken, beef, and beans, auntie Ann made her handmade salsa to die for cheese, lettuce, shredded chips etc etc!!! Even had yummy churrros! Aunt Rose made her fabulous pecan rolls, and cinnamon frosted rolls and chocolate cupcakes!
THEN the reeled out a freezer of ice cream and toppings to create your own sundaes! Here is my Cousin Liz...
They live out in the country and I had a bit of a nightmare after figuring out just where to park!
Yes I got my van stuck! UGH!
When it was time to leave I had a few guys come help me get out THANK YOU Dad, Brother Evan, and Cousin Bert and anyone else!! Look at the mes I made I feel SOOOOO Bad!
Then after I got out of there I seen a worse nightmare! Glad it wasn't ME Mine was bad enough, but THIS guy had a shovel and was actually digging his way out! wow, yes theres a guy directing traffic:)ha!
Monday Bill had to work, I took Jelena and Kedric to Soak City which had to be over 90 degrees! I loved every minute of baking in the heat! It was a wonderful day!

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Needled Mom said...

The graduations are always such wonderful events.

That ground must be pretty wet to be able to dig such ruts in it. Glad that they were able to get you out.