Mothers Day- just another day... I Worked hard as I do every day! I had 4 hrs sleep, went to Walmart to pick up a couple of ingredients to make a fabulous rich dessert (chocolate pecan bars) then came home made them up, took Adam to church early ( he is in the Worship band) came home did the dishes of all the mess I made, got everyone ready then of to church we went!!! My church Blessed me along with all the mothers in the church with a Beautiful Rose and a SHERI'S gift card for the BEST coffee in town and it is always #1 on my wish and want list;)
Someday -I hope someone takes me to dinner and dines me but for now I am Blessed to have my mother and will treat her well as long as I have her to do so! I made a fabulous dinner! We had Taco Stuffed pepper cups, Corn cake casserole, Julienne potatoes, mixed veggies, homemade peach muffins, Apple Salad, and chocolate pecan bars for dessert! Everything was yummy and well eaten up!:) I Washed up all the dishes, Jelena dried...
Then I gave my mom a pedi, a hand and arm massage, and a scalp massage!

She loved it all as she is THE BEST! My Dad watched in jealousy as we had to remind him Fathers Day is coming;) so he napped! haha...
It was a gorgeous sunny day which was a total treat in itself! I would have LOVED to have had a 30 min nap in the sun, a foot massage, and less fighting amongst the children but I guess theres always next year right?
Happy Mothers Day to all of you Wonderful Mothers!

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Needled Mom said...

Bet your mom loved the pampering!!!!

Angela said...

What?! Your husband and children did nothing for you on Mother's Day??
There is no excuse for that. Glad your church at least treated you well! :)

Midlife Mom said...

I would be dropping some pretty heavy hints for next year!!! The guys should have done the clean up for you! Ours did but we used paper plates so it wasn't all that hard! ha! The meal sounds delicious and those bars are sending me calories right through cyberspace, they sound so good!!!