KINGS ISLAND - Vacation!

Kings Island Family Photo
The Vortex
Kedric in front of the waterfalls....awesome!
The largest Gumball Machine
The Peanuts Gang
the kiddos posing in front of the Coca Cola display of Mist....
Poor Bill was soooo tired he fell asleep off to the side while I and the rest of the kids rode a water ride. Later as we came back he was sitting up awake as a police security guy came over to him to make sure he was alive:) LOL!!! Only he could fall asleep at an amusement Park:)

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Jodi said...

Fun pics!!! That's funny about Bill!!

Midlife Mom said...

That is a hoot about Bill! My hubby fell asleep on a bench in Arizona one year when we were out there. I was horrified and glad no one stole his wallet! ha!

Great family pictures with the matching T-shirts! Adam is getting so tall!!!! Glad you had such a great time! xoxox