Sheri's $1 Drinks and Tranquility's $5 Haircuts

June 21st marked the 1st day of Summer! It was such a wonderful day! Temps were warm high 80's and sunny!! Our salon is always doing fantastic monthly deals, and I had the wonderful idea of us doing a 1 day special of $5.00 hair cuts to kick off the crappy weather/ poor economy! It worked! We had a positive reply of 65 hair cuts on the book and it was a positive experience for all!

To make the day even more exciting Sheri's Coffee House my altimate favorite place was giving away $1 regular sized drinks for only $1 WOW! They were honoring their 7th anniversary! I enjoyed a hot drink as well as a frozen one and had hubby pick me one up late for the freezer that I enjoyed a few days later!
Below is a photo of Sheri! Gotta love her! She's the best!:)

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Needled Mom said...

Great idea. I wish I lived closer!!!!