Church Picnic- Rained out!

We had our church picnic Sunday but it didn't quite go as planned! I took 4 items, this being 1 of them peanut butter blondies, and chocolate crunch cookies!

We were So rained out! Even though we were under a shelter the wind was blowing the rain in and it was cold and rained on all the food! Luckily we got to eat a little before this happened! We had quite a Down pour so things got muddy quick!

Below is Hannah and Jelena! It was nice to have Hannah home visiting from school, She didn't mind getting wet at all so every one had her do their dirty work if it entailed being out in the wet....:)

Everyone tried to huddle in the middle to keep warm and dry but it didn't really happen that way! Only here in OH can it be warm 86 degrees warm and sunny to 70 degrees cool and rainy the next day!
Needless to say that ended the even for the day! :)

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Needled Mom said...

That looks pretty "rained out" to me too!!!!

ShaggaBear said...

so bummed that we got rained out! hopefully we can do something else soon to salvage our fellowship time.