Huron County Fair

It was a grand week at the Fair Well At least Jelena would say so;) She is in 4-H this year, therefore she was able to go to the Fair every single day! What a blast!

This is my favorite part of the fair! I LOVE Fried Cheese on a stick! It is sinful, but SOOOO delicious;)
Jelena had 3 things entered in the fair, this was all a new experience and she loved it so much she will be doing it again next year!
She got 2 - 3rd place ribbons, on her Sketch, and Necklace. She also got an honorable mention for Art...
She took Art As Expression, and Sports Nutrition 1: On Your Mark.
She got an A grade ribbon for both her food and art. She got a 2nd place Ribbon for the Food project.

Her Sketch...
her finger mask...
Her necklace made out of clay, she did amazing making these beads out of clay!
Jelena spent time with her friends at the Fair, Kedric went with a neighbor friend and rode some rides while Adam Bill and I walked around!
Bill loves to look at the Pigs!:)
baby cow nursing....
up close and personal with this one:)
Gobble Gobble....
Bill enjoyed himself as he never gets to go but this year it worked out to be "FREE" day on his day off:) YEAH:) We all treated ourselves to some good o'l fair food, We split the fried veggies! Now I know what a fried Dill pickle tastes like!:)

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