Jelena's 14th Birthday Bash/sleepover

"THE CAKE" otherwise known as cupcakes:) I made it easy on myself this year! I made peanut butter ones and confetti ones...all were delicious and well eaten up!:)
Ice cream flavors to choose from top 2 are my pick;) However I had to sample them all;)
Getting ready to blow out 14 candles:)

yup They even let me sing and dance with them;)
I got to be one of them;) oh to be 14 again;)

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Needled Mom said...

They look like they had fun. I wouldn't mind having the energy of a 14 year old again!!!!

Midlife Mom said...

Those cupcakes look so yummy!!! Did you say peanut butter?!!!! I think cupcakes are the way to go, the kids really like them. They all look like they had a really good time. Happy Birthday again, Jelena! xoxox