FISHING event...

Bills Company, that he works for, every year has a Driver Appreciation Day! Half of the guys pick Gulfing while the other half chose Perch Fishing! This was the 1st time each driver was aloud to bring a person! So I went as a 1st time fisherman! We all had a blast! We caught 600 perch between us all and after they had them professionally cleaned we each got 30 to take home! YUMMY:) Below are pics taken of the event! We were on a charter boat and it did rain a little but otherwise was a perfect day for this! I just so happened to catch the larges perch of the day! It was 12 and a quarter inches long! if it would have been 13 inches my name would have been sent in for recognition! If only I had gotten a pic of that, The captain was quick to take it off so oh well I was not picking up the bloody fish for the effect! lol! Anyway when we were all finished we met up where the Gulfers were and had steaks and ribs they made us which were FABULOUS! Then I got a gift for catching the biggest fish so I got an under Armour jacket which was a pretty pricey gift! How exciting is that? I am so Blessed!

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