So I left work and went and picked up my 2 highschoolers from band practice along with Jelenas friend to take home. When I got her home not too far from my house I took us home. I had to head back to work to observe how to do a couple high fashion looks on a set of twins while Sandy is on vacation so I took Jelena back with me. As I was pulling out of the driveway, it did not sound good as it actually sounded flat. Jelena said you probly ran over something. So I got out and looked and all was fine, I should have looked closer! On my way to work, my van was warning me of a low tire! When I got to work I called AAA as it was hissing and in no time at all it went flat as a pancake! UGH of course I was thinking NOT AGAIN! This is the 2nd tire I have had to replace in the 5 months of owning the vehicle! NOT COOL!!!

So after they changed it this is the huge wedge of metal in it!!! So I was thinking where could this have happened??? It then dawned on me it had to be from the railroad tracks! I go over them daily and it looks like something found in them that got loosened! Disturbing since I have to have high end special ordered tires! All in All I called the dealership which I think they are beginning to know me by voice;) ordered me a new one in and finally got it on today! YEAH! The spare is good for a pinch but tired of people looking at me odd for driving so slow;) Ha! Lets hope my bad luck is done now!!!

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Shionge said...

Oops!!! Hope it is ok now

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