Melon Festival

This weekend was our Melon Festival! It is in the square where I work, so we have to close early on Friday and Saturday we close completely! Its such a tiny space to have it but none the less they do it here every year! My 2 teens were in the parade marching band. I have to go every year to get my Cheese on a stick and my melon ice cream and watermelon sherbet! It is made by Toft's and they only make this one time a year just for this event!
You can get it in either hard pack or soft serve! Here is Adam eating a soft serve one! YUMMY:)

Walking around the festival was this statue, or LIVE statue rather;)

The Band! An exciting moment for me!:) I never played in the band but always loved to hear them! Now I can be proud to watch my 2 kiddos in it! I then took that as my cue to follow them till the end with my camera;) I know I live to embarrass them;)

Jelena playing clarinet

Adam with his Sax, oh so serious!
Gotta love melon man! HA!!
up close and personal with melon man!:)
Me eating my yummy ice cream with my cheese on a stick in hand;)

We were SOOOOOO Blessed as it was raining all around us but only 3 drops here at the parade! SO that means we got to see the whole parade DRY and the kids could actually play their instruments rather then carry them in bags and just march! It was great!!!

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Midlife Mom said...

What a great festival! Adam looks so serious, what a cutie! I've never had cheese on a stick but it sounds good. Anything with cheese on it MUST be good!! Melon Man is a hoot! Glad you got good weather and that the kids could actually play their instruments.

I like your hair short better. :o)