2011 Hair Show

Over the weekend We went to a Big Hair show! My Boss and I went Saturday Night and our co worker Maureen joined us the next day! The Show itself was Sunday and Monday!
This will complete the education we need for the next year! This particular hair show was alot of fun and Big! There was lots of vendors....Below is a show going on called Sexy Hair...

There are hair cuts and shows going on all over plus in the class rooms....We signed up for the ones we wanted to see but this was a guy stylist more or less showing off....With blasted music he was surely flipping the shears around, some were rather scared watching, haha!

just another hair dresser watching the show! I loved her hair and asked her for a pic;)
yes MANTRA, we didnt see this show but had to photo it anyway;)

All sorts of things go on at the Hair shows! Yes they are getting their teeth whitened;)
We enjoyed a long hair up Do class and this was one of the styles!

I had my nails all done in glittery black polish with SHELLAC, If you are not familiar with this item it is a 2 week polish! For some odd reason I had a nail peel off so I had them refix it with some creativity!:)

the new look....
I was asked just before this show If I wanted to be a hair model for this keratin blowout! I am usually pretty open to whatever, so I did it! Here is my Before look ...
Here is the after look...It is a smoothing treatment to defrizz hair! It is pricey as most salons can charge $200.00- $300.00 a treatment!

The latest craze is Gems for the hair! They are such a pretty accent!
We stayed at a fancy Hotel across the street and after Sunday nights show we enjoyed dinner at Max and Ermas!

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Jodi said...

I love the ladies purplish hair!!!