Hard At Work at the Salon!

I enjoy where I work and thought I would share with all of you!

Sandy goes all out when she fixes food for these special events! We provided breakfast for our Wedding party coming in at 7am! She bought REAL maple syrup, crushed pecans for the caramel apples to be rolled in and gourmet cheeses and fruits, maple sausages, mini cinnamon rolls, french toast sticks etc!
Here is Michelle
She is giving a mini pedi!
Our special for this month is a mini mani AND a mini pedi for $25.00!
Maggie is so much fun!
Maureen our Esthtetian- We offer FREE make up with our updo's
Me with my Finished product- isn't she purty?!!
me giving a mini mani
It felt like a party in the Salon! It was a prosperous 12 hr work day! I love my job:)

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Shionge said...

Wow!!! Everyone having fun and all you ladies looked gorgeous!!!

Tinsie said...

You look great - so slim! And you certainly look like you're enjoying your work :-)