VAMPIRES....Halloween Party

Bill and I enjoyed going to this Halloween party once again this year! Always have the Best Chili there! They make a HUGE Cauldron of Chili- 100lbs! She makes a bunch of homemade pies, and there's plenty of snacks, cookies, and candy to eat!
Bill and I really got into the dressing up of it all this year! We went as VAMPIRES!
1st place went to the Surprise in the box....you can only imagine whats in it! HA! Yes this is an ADULT PARTY ONLY!

2nd place went to Fred and Wilma

3rd place went to the Bikers:)
A costume that I thought was amazing! Papa Smurf and Smurfette
Michele and her Fiance- she is a coworker that also goes to this party:) She was a French Maid...

My hubby- Bill- My daughter Jelena did all his make up except I did the fake Blood- I thought she did an amazing job!
Don't be too Frightened...The Next photos are "THE VAMPIRES"

I Normally go as 80's- Cyndi Lauper, Madonna, or a punk Rocker! So this is all new for me! It was fun:) My 10 yr old was quite freaked by our looks so I knew we did good:)

We enjoy their Haunted House basement with the lighting and special affects! It really is quite impressive how well it is put together! and we love the Live DJ as they play great music! A fun night!!!

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Needled Mom said...

Oh my goodness!!!! Your costumes are amazing. I think yours were the best.

Shionge said...

You guys are so sporting and what great fun really....seems like Halloween just get spooky and scary by the years.....same here in Singapore :)