It has been a busy weekend! after working all day Saturday we had our Annual GINGERFEST! This is put on by my Uncle Tom and aunt Jody!
Below is My uncle Tom...
my Aunt Jody and I

Each year they have this, I never am able to help out as it is during the day usually 1-4 or something to that extent. Not this year. This year they had it 5:30-8. So Jelena and I went At 5 and were helpers with the games!
What is Gingerfest? Well it used to be a family event that grew! Now the little kids have all grown and come back to help the next generation. My uncle makes all sorts of games out of strong cardboards and paints it all up as it looks like wood actually! He makes little houses out of the Cardboard for little bodies to fit in and each one has a different excitement!
1 is a Bakery, where the kids can decorate a cut out cookie YUM:) 1 is write a letter to santa, another is a craft where this year they helped make angels! each one is totally different and they leave with a bag of goodies. There is all sorts of games in the back of the room, they get something for each time they play! whether it be a small prize of candy or pencil, or a bigger prize like a ticket to cash in at the end for large toys!
So here I am
below doing the bean bag toss game!:) helping my niece Kora... Yup thats the game that I was in charge of and Jelena was doing the ball toss game next to me:)

They had a clown making all sorts of balloon creations for the kids! Actually Santa stopped by for a visit too:)
The bake shop... also not pictured was the lollipop tree!
here is the view from the back of the room when the party was over!

make a christmas card...
they always serve Hot cocoa, fruit punch, hot dogs, popcorn and cookies! This event is such a blast for the kids!!!

I really enjoyed being a part of it:)

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ShaggaBear (Linda) said...

looks like fun. is this the one they do at the moose lodge (or whatever it's called)?

Tinsie said...

Looks like a lot of fun :-)

palmtreefanatic said...

Yes it was there many mnay yrs ago! the last several yrs it has been at BRONSON CONSERVATION CLUB:)