So I am Reflecting on the year 2011...Alot of good things happened this year!!!! I am happy to say

  • I went on my 2nd Cruise,
  • Finally got my VERY OWN Vehicle a 2010 Town and Country Caravan YIPPEE!!
  • I got A Palm Tree Tattoo!
  • I got a bikini body I always wanted (And now will have to figure out how to get it back)
  • Accomplished a 7 mile walk!
  • Got to see Marilyn after being away for over 2 yrs to the peace corp in Africa and being able to meet and entertain 2 guys from there that haven't ever been to the USA!!!
  • Got to See Crystal my class mate and dearest school friend after 20 yrs!
  • Was given a REAL 9ft pony tail palm tree!!!
  • I finally finished the book UNLIMITED By Jillian Michaels!- great book!
It has been a great year! Now ready to see whats in store for 2012..........

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Shionge said...

Year 2012 will be a great happy year of course Tina...Happy New Year :)