Another Job!

Life is crazy! I am so behind on Blogging! Who has time for that when I am still trying to figure out how to work 2 jobs, run the kids, clean house cook meals etc etc! Well God is Good! He has Blessed me with a wonderful neighbor! Sadly he will be moving in a couple weeks and will not be around but my dear husband is getting a little better so least he can drive now!
That helps ALOT! I have somehow inherited this 2nd job working at a close by nursing home!
It is nice and I get to see 2 of my class mates each day I am there which is neat! Everyone is so nice there!!!

This is the tiny Salon in the Nursing Home I been working the past 3 weeks...Yes I have been working here part time on top of my full time job to help make up for Bill not working due to a bad back!
I am Trusting God that something Good will happen soon! I cannot make enough to support us though the 12 hr days are killing me and I am thoroughly exhausted,
it all has to help!
This is the full view in these 2 pics..it is very small but nice! I am hoping to be done after 1 more week! The ladies love their hair does and I hear it all the time from the staff!!! just last night I was asked about doing this full time, it is so wonderful to be recognized as this but I just can't as I couldn't make enough and I would miss giving pedicures facials etc:)

Most of the residents come in wheelchairs so I am constantly moving the chair it is a lot of bending, lifting etc! I think my hands are completely dried out from the washing of heads:) ha! I do 5-7 people a day! This job I do after my other one and it is Tuesday through Friday as My other one is Wednesday through Saturday!

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Jodi said...

Two jobs!?!? And I thought I was stressed with just starting the one and when Trent got sick!

I hope Bill's back is feeling better!!

Hugs to you!