Kalahari tour

Well our dear friends we met from Africa along with our dearest friend Marilyn have all gone back to Tanzania, Africa.
Sad to see them leave! They went back, their 18 hr flight. Marilyn having to teach 80 students the next day! Pretty amazing for a lady in her mid 60's to do all she does!
Below we took them all for a Kalahari tour...Kalahari offers a wide range of fun mainly they are known for their water park there! It is HUGE! We wanted to enjoy their faces so the kids and I along with Marilyn took them to see this!!!

We got to watch them make these HUGE pizzas through the window! So fun!!!

All of us! we were still bundled up from being outside and the water park is So hot and stuffy! The chlorine is very strong smelling too!

It was fun! I made them a wonderful meal of 2 kinds of Quiches, potatoes, mixed fruit, blueberry bagels, and tried to ask them what their favorite american food is now and they had no answer as they love it all:) We will miss them!
Marilyn will be back to visit in 3 yrs! sighzzzzzz...She really likes it there!
We miss her already!

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Needled Mom said...

It looks like you showed them a fabulous time and I can imagine how they liked it all!!!