Life has been BUSY!!! I got a 2nd job working at the local nursing home doing hair! I started last Wednesday and working Monday through Friday besides my other hair salon job! I kinda inherited it as they called our salon looking for someone to fill in as their main girl is off on leave due to eye surgery! This is a bit stressful as my back hurts daily from the bending! most of the residents are in wheelchairs... None the less I have to do this for 3 weeks or so and i am thankful for extra work as my poor hubby is not working due to a bad back and falling on ice did him in! So I am going to be Thankful that God is taking care of us.... We celebrated my mom turning 61 just made a small dinner and did some spa services for my parents they needed done, and now our salon is ripped up as we are re painting it! So much going on I will have to post pics soon!!!

Have a Blessed Day... BUSY BUSY:)

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Needled Mom said...

You DO sound busy. I know how much your work at the nursing home is appreciated.

I hope your hubby is feeling better soon. There is little worse than a bad back.