I have been BUSY!

Below is my client T and her son Q I got the good privilege to give him his 1st hair cut, poor guy was not happy about it at all! Here T is holding him so I cut it that way! The special thing about this is that I gave T HER very 1st hair cut 20 yrs ago!
Here he is after all calmed down! He looks like a handsome little fellow, in just a couple short months his baby brother will be arriving:)
Chocolate covered bacon? YES! Who ever thought it would be good. Well Don't knock it till you try it! Really! 1st of all what isn't good drenched in Malleys chocolate:) Well we had the chance to try it in the store and the day it hit 75% off after valentines day deal we went ahead and bought a box of it! It was an interesting flavor, for the one that enjoys the sweet and salty.... Jelena liked it the most of the kids, all I could think was calories:)

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