What's Happening?

So it was a busy day! I took the day off work to go with my hubby to see a surgeon for a 2nd opinion on his back. One thing we did find out is that he does NOT need to have surgery! Praise God!
We seen Dr. Collis he is a VERY Good Dr. He gave us his opinion and explained as clearly as we needed to understand! We know now we do not need to go back as it is a little drive away!
Kedric had his 2nd to last basketball game, one more to go! Here is the group of kids! They lost this game- bummer

When we came home we noticed this huge hole in the ground next to the sidewalk! talk about SCARY!
here take a closer look! I suppose we need to have this looked at as their must be a tile break or something!
So thats whats happening on our neck of the woods! Bill is still unable to work so I have been working hard hard hard, as business is picking up and I have a couple 12 hr work days ahead! Have a great day everyone!

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Needled Mom said...

Glad to hear that Bill does not have to have surgery. I hope the back feels better soon.

That's a big hole!!!!

It sounds like you have been very busy.