out with FRIENDS....

SO proud of you Shelly!!!! Shelly got 2nd place for BEST TAXI service! Thursday night She took me to the awards banquet for it! We had a blast! great food too... There was like all sorts of categories, like best spa, best restaurant, best bar etc!
Shelly , Dave (Taxi driver) and I ...he drove us there! We had a blast!
just for fun...while at Kalahari I had to try out the New lion display Thanks to Dave for the lift up, HA!
Sandy ( my boss) knows all I do is work, so she invited my hubby and I to go to her house after the late night of the musical to unwind have some wine and sit in their new Hot tub! We had a great time as the tub was 100 degrees! I think we soaked a good hour and the wine was delightful...

we got a ride home and we were overly tired loosing the hour sleep (due to time change) which didn't help, but we were relaxed and slept well:)

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Needled Mom said...

It looks like it was a fun celebration. The hot tub looks fantastic. I can imagine how good that felt.

Shionge said...

Best Taxi??? This is wonderful and with so many taxi companies here in Singapore I think we should have this too :D

HOT TUB!!! I can see that you folks are having a good time :D