We had a SUNNY DAY... a lovely Easter, Church with breakfast there, then went to my moms for Easter dinner and egg hunt! My Brother and sis also came with their little ones, we had a great time!
Check out the place settings:)
I spy a reeses with MY name on it;)
ooooh oooh oooh a kit kat too....

Kedric found one!
Adam found one

Jelena found one!

Grandpa found a few he hid that one one would ever find ha!
WOW! Look at all what I found! I think I did better this year then ever! We all left with a bag full as my parents and grandpa hid ALOT!!!
sitting at the table eating dessert...

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Jodi said...

I need to start doing a Easter hunt! Now that the boys are older we don't do baskets, but this would be fun!