Friday the 13th @ The Mantus Winery

Sandy ( my boss) invited me to come along with her 4 other girl friends to a Winery!
We all had a blast of a time! What a hoot they were and together we all made the best entertainment LOL!! Seriously...

The Band ... Double Trouble as the night went on they appreciated all our participation and want us to come every time they perform;)

me Toasting ;) with Elaine and Sue...

Sandy and I had fun dancing with the Tambourines and Miracas

Sandy and I
Sandy Dancing...
Dancing with the barn pole! HA:)
I guess with everything going on in my life, working so hard, keepin up the house ( no help) and then having 2 sick with vomiting etc Sandy KNEW I needed a break! Well she was right and since I rarely get a chance to do anything, this was a blast! I don't drink much ever but I think this night was by far the most I have yet to have! home in bed by 1 AM and ready for a 9 hr work day and a wedding the next day....

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