I love weddings Sadly I had to work a little to late to go to the Wedding but was happy to be a part of the Reception! Michele is a girl I work with I did Her Matron of Honor's hair and her mom's...Both turned out fabulous and still looked perfect by the end of the night! YEAH:)
Congratulations to the new couple!

Cutting the cake

pinky swear not shoving cake in the faces...lol!
my kids and hubby were also supposed to come too BUT Jelena got invited to a friends birthday party, Adam was at his friends house and Bill called me at work NOT feeling like going...SO Sandy and I had a fabulous time! Their loss! There was some yummy sweet Buckeye Red Wine their too! HAHA!
Sandy and I;)
2 joyful evenings spent with my boss and dear Friend! I am so Blessed to have her in my life! SHE IS WONDERFUL!

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Needled Mom said...

Their loss indeed, but it looks like you had fun.