My Daughter has a big heart! She has been working on making me this collage since before Christmas!
It is an assortment of all the things I like! She created it then had her dad drill holes as she put these balloons through the corners. She waited till I was sound asleep then slid it in my room.:) I LOVE IT!

We go to a Wonderful Church and they recognize us moms on Mothers Day sweetly!
We are Blessed to get such a gift! A Red Rose, a Sheri's coffee card, and a Dark chocolate bar-
Now Honestly this is very hard to top!;)
love it, love it, love it!
 For me the day is about spoiling your mother! I love my mom and am Blessed to have her in my life!
She is an inspiration to all! I rent a movie, ( we watched THE VOW) and cooked an amazing dinner. Hubby put drum sticks on the grill, I made rigatoni, garlic bread, mixed veggies and a Salad!
Then pampered her with a foot  and leg massage and  a hand and arm massage...
 Got To Have DESSERT! So I made something totally different! BUTTERSCOTCH PUDDING SHOTS into a pie form! It was a bit strong but delicious!:)
 And I also made this fruit pizza! Which was a hit!

It was a busy for me like any other but good! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all you wonderful Mothers!

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Needled Mom said...

It looks like it was a wonderful day with lots of yummy food and great gifts. Your mom looks too young to be your mother. She is beautiful too.

Jodi said...

Sounds like an awesome Mom's day!!!

Shionge said...

What great bonding and Happy Mama's Day to you all Tina :D