Melt Bar and Grilled

This place is such a dive but we LOVE it! Great food is always found here and nice sized portions!
It is not a huge place so there is always a wait...instead of leaving YOUR name you pick a name out of the pumpkin! my name this particular day was Have Fun! ha! I was definitely doing that!:)

 such decor;) hahahahaha
 Each month they have a specialty sandwich, since this is a gourmet grilled cheese place each sandwich IS amazing! My friend Tina and her daughter along with Jelena and I went after the Duck Tape Festival!
It is best to each order and then share with someone. This way you can try more!
 I had the Winter Chicken
grilled chicken, honey tomato chipotle sauce, pepper-jack
Jelena had the 2 day special, she wasnt interested in having the special of the month (bummer) so I had the winter chicken! You still cant go wrong, they are ALL good!
whats more fun is the menu are on the backs of 70's and 80's record albums!:)
Jelena had this SANDWICH SPECIAL
Jurassic Pork Electric Fence Melt. Jolt Cola Braised Pork, Harrisa Spread, Red Leaf Lettuce, Cucumber Slaw w/Cilantro Lime Dressing, Pepper Jack Cheese. Available at all locations, June 15-16 only!
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Shionge said...

I just had chicken for dinner but I think yours looked yummy than mine :D