We had a great time Sunday after church going to the AFRICAN SAFARI WILDLIFE PARK! It is like a drive through zoo! What a hoot! The animals come up to your car and you feed them. It is pretty funny as they do stick their heads in! HA:) We went through it twice I drove and took pics while Bill did the feeding then Jelena and him switched so she could feed them too;)

 Kedric was the only one with the right weight limit to ride the Camel so that was fun for him!
 We enjoyed watching the NAS PIG RACE! 4 pigs racing! cute!
 Look at this huge tortoise!!!
We enjoyed going to TOFTS for ice cream and picking up a pizza on the way home! It was a fun treatful day;)

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Needled Mom said...

What a kick! I loved seeing their faces up close.

KC said...

Hi Tina.. looks like fun.. I just out of the blue went to my blog like 1st time in forever and saw you commented back in JANUARY... but I wanted to check with you and see how your DH's back??