FLORIDA!!! Ha Being tourists, Thats what we were alright! HA! We seen many Flea markets during our week visit! Here is Jelena being silly...

 The day we got to Florida it was HOT AND SUNNY:) Sadly it was the only day it was like that! Jelena and Kedric ready to jump in!
 I LOVE This!
 Yes I certainly loved this too! Who would have thought it was the only day I would get to do this
as it rained every day all day the rest of the week!
 I HAD to photo this! shhhh  Hear that? NO FIGHTING! REALLY It is possible for all 3 of the kids to ply together, I will have this photo to remind me it happened once! ;)
Adam brought Video games which they all played while dad slept from the long drive, WHICH we Both drove it! 17 hrs!
 After resting a bit I am SO glad I talked him into going to Downtown Disney, Sometimes they have different things going on and lucky us we caught the last day of the "CAR" show! They had all the famous cars there... Downtown Disney is a touristy walk through with shops etc!

 HERBIE!!!! Yes it even squirted water at you ha!

 DUKES OF HAZZARD! Yes there are only like 3? in the world left? something like that!

Fun in the shops!

 LEGO CREATIONS! This always fascinated me! We used to call it lego land but i guess there is an amusement park of that so we will just call it the lego store:) They sell color coated legos by the pound! This family is made of legos!
 yes our family is mixed in there too, can u figure out whcih ones are us and which are legos? lol!
 BUZZ AND WOODY in lego form!

 The 7 Dwarfs!

 Lightening Mcqueen

Fun day!
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Needled Mom said...

It looks like a fun vacation. I have always loved the way Disney does everything so well.