Jelena's projects At the Fair

 So proud of My Jelena!!! She recieved 2  second place ribbons and 1 first place ribbon at our local Fair for these projects!  She is in 4-H and in arts and crafts!!
Below is her portrait collage she received a 2nd place ribbon for...

 Her animal print pillows ( there are 3) 1 she embroidered an elephant on one side and a giraffe on the other...These will go well in my house or our Salon I work at, still deciding how to break up the set as they are amazing! Still cannot believe she didn't take a 1st for them but a 2nd is still good:) My mom helped her as I cannot even sew a button on a shirt;)
and lastly she got a 1st place ribbon on her all natural necklace which she hand picked these tiny shells with holes in them and strung them on this necklace!!! AWESOME!!!

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Needled Mom said...

Great job on her work. The animal stitching is gorgeous.