Sunday and Monday we went to a Big Hair show a couple of hrs from here...we need to get 8 hrs of education every 2 yrs. Even though Sandy and I had  lots of education this yr we went for fun with 2 other girls that needed hrs! Below was a super fun class and my favorite of the show! BODY GLITTER TATTOOS! These are a blast and will cost $5 at our salon! They last 3-5 days!
 HAHA! Below is a guy wearing a very serious mohawk! This particular vendor was promoting Hair extensions...I asked him if his was extensions and he did say no! hmmmmm
 As I was snapping a photo of him with his hair the other guy working said You know you want a photo with him so come on let me take one...hahah...ok? Sure why not! Ha!
 This photo was one of the finished looks on a girl at a big CENTER STAGE SHOW!!!
 This is the 4 of us that went! Me, Steph, Maureen and my boss Sandy!
 Mohawks, and fohawks of all forms are the big in look along with anything glitsy, and blingy!

 ok, I cannot stand my hair anylonger! I grabbed an open opportunity when I saw the ANDI's queen ( Andi's is a form of clippers...yes clipper cutting which makes you think of mens cuts! Well she had a moment so i asked her to give me a hair cut! she spiked it all up and REALLY thinned it out WOW! all with the clippers and I LOVE IT!
 seriously, it was crazy but i feel about bald and i have a ton of hair:)
I Feel like JOAN JETT!!! This is a normal cut I was seriously thinking about getting 1 side really short, possibly shaved;) still not ruling it out...
 Another model getting along hair cut  from clippers
 she said she was going to post this on Facebook...hmmmm what was her name???
 just chillin, eating popcorn before dinner....hey i was starving:)
 Cheers...nothing like a good Strawberry shortcake drink to get the party started! That stuff was soooo good but I had too much;) because after that point The thought of more was nausiating:)
 Steph was rockin out with her new shirt she bought at the show and her mohawk style she also had done at the show!
 Maureen splurged and got an extension Halo at the how! looks so pretty and natural! we all loved it on her:)

 They wanted me to try it out the extension Halo, I do not have THAT kinda money...It was pretty cool though:)
 gotta love dinner out with friends!
 oh yes we all split this dessert tripple chocolate cake with ice cream! YUMMMMMM
 working out with weights! ya right;)

 Dinner at Louis! YUM! I had an amazing Veggie wrap!
 HOT TUB....mmmm so warm too:)
 yup! gotta love the stepper:)
 Oh yes  ME, sweatin up a storm, NOT REALLY:) LOL!
 yup this is the veggie wrap, you no u wanted some!:)
 Yes this was a photo takin on the 2nd day at the show! I never saw such interesting styles and colors it really is true! HAIR DRESSERS ARE FROM ANOTHER PLANET:)

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