Its My Birthday!!!

 I made my own ice cream cake which was FABULOUS! I totally impresed myself and everyone else;) I may be on to something here;)
 This is the ice cream I put inside the ice cream cake I thought it was quite fitting;)
 Teri spoiled me as did some others! Woweeeeee..... I GOT GIFTS!!!!! :)
yes 3 bottles of D&D wine pumpkin ( favorite) Strawberry ( yum) and apple cinnamon... mmmmm:)
and just look at all that amazing chocolate!!! thanks Teri for all that will enjoy the chocolate and drinks but not together of course:)
Jelena gave me a book called mom moments...funny sayings we tell our kids! ha! She even bookmarked all the ones I have been known to say to them;) and a cute little necklace with a scissor charm on it:)  love it!
Bill got me a blue ray DVD not pictured he spent the day hooking up...:) Thanks Honey:) yippee!
And My  awesome ex neighbor that moved away came for dinner and brought  us mini cupcakes, and I got a STARBUCKS Gift Card!!! WOOOHOOO:) I guess I got all the main food groups for my Birthday! I feel so Blessed:)

 They even sang Happy Birthday to me:)
 ok spare the fact that I seriously look like an idiot here;)
 My Family:)
It was a simple day, but pretty relaxing, I got up , scrubbed the kids bathroom, had been taken to Breakfast with Teri, then rented a couple movies to watch which I never get to do anymore, and did a some scrapbooking! Bill kept up with the cleaning and  was helpful....What a nice day! Now I have to be ready to work 3 jobs this week! Thank you Lord for the break now I am ready to get to work:)

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