HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! We celebrated the New year going to the Rec Center for Family night they do this every year and this is the 1st year it wasnt crazy busy and not As exciting, none the less it was something to do and the kiddos enjoyed it! They played a new game there this flying disk game I forget what they called it, but Teri my dear friend that came with us did amazing at it!

 At Midnight....Happy New Year To all! Praying for 2013 to be better then last year! :)

 After we got home at 12:30 Am we celebrated Christmas with Teri! She spoiled us all as she does, then we snacked some more I ate more and more chocolate, Yum and we visited until 4:AM getting me to bed at 4:30! It was a long night and a record for me:)

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Needled Mom said...

Wishing you the most wonderful 2013.